Church Online

We’re a family at Harvest so we’re going to be as upfront as possible.

This is not what we expected!

This virus has had effects on the Church we never dreamed would happen so quickly. We’re doing our best to continue to reach our church family, community, and beyond with the message of love and hope of Jesus. There’s still work to do and an opportunity to reach people near and far from God. We live for this opportunity no matter how different it may seem for us.

We also want to be very intentional about one thing with Church Online. Big production is not our aim. It’s just not our style. We want Jesus to be the focus so we’re going to do our best to see that He is the center of it all. Not how pretty and well designed our videos are. At Harvest, we’re family so we’re going to continue to operate as such…flaws and all. 

This is also a growing experience. It’s our aim to lead your family, wherever you may be, into moments where you experience the presence of God. But more than all that church, the world needs you to release His presence! So, let’s do this together. Welcome to Church Online!